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The Roots Community

Our Volunteers Enrich our School


Roots PCS relies upon the efforts of parent volunteers to enrich all aspects various aspects of our school community. We are constantly amazed at what we can accomplish by our group of dedicated volunteers. We welcome the energy, creativity, ideas, and mentoring of parents, grandparents, high school and college students, and the community.

There are a number of ways to get involved, including; assisting teachers in the classroom or on field trips; staffing various events, or sharing an area of expertise or talent with the students and our staff. If you can contribute in any way, please contact either your child’s teacher or the school office.

Volunteer Clearances

We welcome volunteers who want to use their skills and resources to help our students succeed. There are a number of ways to get involved. Please contact us directly to explain your volunteer service and when you are available.

Complete the Volunteer Clearance Process


All volunteers, including parents, must complete the Roots PCS Online Volunteer Form ...AND...

undergo the DCPS Clearance Process. The exceptions to the clearance process apply to the following situations:

  • Chaperoning field trips

  • Working with a small group of students or with an individual student

  • Working in the library

  • Driving a team/group to an activity

  • Participating in extracurricular events on-site and off-site

  • College students observing or studying at the school

  • Assisting in a classroom

Volunteer clearances/certifications are NOT required for the following activities:


  • Classroom presentations or parties

  • Attendance at school events such as assemblies, meetings, performances, festivals, etc.

  • If you are RPCS parent or guardian

  • If you have a secret or top-secret clearance.

If you would like to start volunteering while your clearances/certifications are being processed, you must sign an affidavit and show proof of request of the DCPS clearance/certification forms. The affidavit is acceptable only for the interim period that the clearances are in process.

Download the Volunteer Affidavit and the Volunteer Commitment Form. (Coming Soon)

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