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Roots Public Charter School (RPCS) is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board works with the Executive Director and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to ensure the long-term financial and programmatic success of the school. Some of their specific responsibilities include evaluating the executive director, overseeing school finance, approving the budget, tracking school performance, and representing RPCS in front of the Public Charter School Board.

Board of Directors

The primary role and responsibility of he Roots Public Charter School Board of Directors is to provide oversight over and accountability for the operation of the school, PCS and assess the school’s successes/areas for improvement. We participate in the school's strategic planning to ensure impact, growth, sustainability, implement and review policy, assist with fundraising, and provide financial oversight. Finally, we, the Board of Directors, speak with one voice in providing and promoting the strategic vision for the Roots Public Charter School.

2023-24 Board of Directors

  1. Dr. Jesse Sharpe  - (Chairperson),

  2. Ms. Gilda Sherrod Ali, Esq. - (Legal),

  3. Ms. Patricia Mitchell - (Community),     

  4. Mr. Cameron C. Poles - (Community Rep),

  5. Ms. Khadija Bryant-Hughes - (Teacher Rep.),

  6. Selena Lipscomb - (Community Rep),

  7. Dr. Otto - Community Rep.) 

Scheduled Meetings

The Board of directors meet on a quarterly scheduled. Regular Meetings are open to the public. (Notices for time and place of the meetings are sent via email).

​1st Quarter Meeting: August 17, 2023
2nd Quarter Meeting: November 16, 2023
3rd Quarter Meeting: February 15, 2024
4th Quarter Meeting: May 16, 2024


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