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Teacher in ClassroomThe curriculum used is entitled “African Centered Interdisciplinary Multi-Level  Hands-On Science”, developed by the Roots Activity Learning Center. The curriculum is used by schools and home schooling parents around the United States and abroad. The curriculum is African centered around science themes and encompasses language arts, math, social studies, physical education, science, music, and art. All subjects are taught from a Black experience approach through an African centered world view.

In addition to the multi-level hands on science program, students may also participate in the Black Madonnas and Young Lions Rites of Passage Program. The objectives of this program include enhancing the adolescent's knowledge about the Black family, physical and psychological endurance, health and proper nutrition, Black art, music and dance, spirituality, cleanliness, time-management, Africentric values, and respect for sexuality.

The academic program begins the day after Labor Day and in the end of June. There are weekly assessments provided to parents about the progress of their children. There are also semester report cards comprised of performance objective sheets, grades and a subjective report.

The summer program runs for eight weeks from July thru the 2nd week in August. It is designed to reinforce language arts and math skills as well as enhance student appreciation for positive recreation activities. Fun-filled learning activities including swimming, tennis, softball, cooking, biking, hiking, nature study, arts and crafts, new games, films, and trips.

The school welcomes parental involvement and participation. There’s an active PAC (Parent Advisory Council) and high level of interaction among teachers, parents, administration, children, and the community.

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